and so, this post is probably LONG overdue, according to those that matter a bit (or significantly or NOT). then again, his highness been waiting for eons to post this entry. afterall, he has to take a picture of the finishes product and post it here.

there you go. it’s a before, after, and aftermath thingy.

and the story goes…

dec 31, 2007: it’s the new year again. this time round, the boys, or rather those that could make it (at least, those still left in singapore anyway) gathered for a bit. it was an awkward date to start with. i mean… who gathers on the eve of new year’s day when there was never the slightest intent to actually go for a countdown? well… we did…. hohoho.

and so, the boys meet up. had some yummy food. some yummy talk. it was going to be simple dinner, a catch up session and its back home to ZzzzZ and laze on new year’s eve. at least, that’s what his royalness presumed. and all of a sudden, we decided to do a new year’s countdown party. we were, after all, in the vicinity of the joyous and mad craze crowd zonal.

well… des was supposed to meet us. and then he didn’t. that’s when wc bestowed the ‘air force general’ title on him. for those who don’t know…. it is linked to the chinese slang 放飞机、放鸽子, or the english term for fly aeroplance, or the hokkien dialect buang fei key (was it even spelled like this? lol), the cantonese dialect fong fei kay. anyway, that’s another story for another time.

and so we all went. blah blah blah. on a side note, the royal advisor went with 琥珀. his highness wanted to butt in, but alas… =(. on another side note, the twin goddess went too with no-idea-who, or her bf. who knows? so it seems, the whole world was at the durian region (aka esplanade).

on another side note… how come his highness remembers all that clearly? damm… for he always remembers. eeky. freaky. if only such talents was directed towards mugging…. hohoho

anyway… to cut it short. everyone watched the fireworks. ys did his usual intensive photo-whoring and photo uploading on his blog, facebook, and the what-so-ever online albums. so after that, we, the boys got hungry and decided on yummy-ing again. this time round at the dou jiang you tiao in the nearby region. it’s actually the famous store at that rat-hole area (btw, there’s cockroaches and rats there… eeky)

and his highness took out his specs. it was bent. well.. it was bent since eons ago due to some inferior design flaws. it broke quite some time ago. he had it fixed. let’s termed it as IT BROKE v1.0.

anyway.. it was bent. and he decided to bent it back a little so that it actually makes wearing more comfortable. it was just a little bent. and .. it BROKE AGAIN… let’s term it IT BROKE v2.0. and here’s the picture…


and yes, as ys kindly said. the shadow of the specs seem to be of an higher artistic value.

so… poor highness has to return home at dawn hours with a broken specs. walking, crossing the traffic without his specs with all the 700 degrees blindness…

he fixed it a week after it broke on one fine day. and it look like this

it BROKE v2.0

yellow specs w white frames as the original color. black sides. the reason it’s different from the what his highness says as shown in the picture is because… he BROKE one side of the ear frame within a week.

he was putting it on. he stretch it. and it BROKE again. WTF!!! so. IT BROKE v3.0 =(. this time round, he simply got sianZ over his talent for destruction. and promptly took out the spare from the other time and fixed it himself.

with a different colored sides… no one noticed anymore then the common folks. and it has styled as said by the royal advisor. hmm. on that, his highness couldn’t AGREE more =D

and so, his highness made one more pair of specs. =D