and so, his royal highness decided to take a break from being his royal highness. poof! and he’s now playing the role of one who works in the service industry. right behind the table tag that screams SERVICE COUNTER.

why so? because he’s being doing a lot of services at his table.


the normal chap or lady sitting at the table gets paid to perform services to the general public. as such, they dedicate much of their time and energy to servicing others. well, they get paid after all. it is part of their employment scope.

even if the other chaps asking them has zero courtesy protocols, the service personnel does it without a flinch on his or her face. after all, they are paid. endure it, they must or have to do.

drop the Ps and Qs, and they still do it willingly.


then again, when his highness dons his legendary role and role plays, he doesn’t get paid. it’s a zero sum.

still, the crappy load of people (let’s be civilized here) expects the same. they continue demand, request, ask this ask that, all at the same time expecting excellent services.

hello, he’s NOT paid here. he performs a service. SO, entertain him and be nice. give your proper accords and respect. give your appreciation. it doesn’t have to be the traditional Ps and Qs. simply do not freaking disappear without a word when it’s done.

if customers insist on doing that. they should PAY.


of course, this post is not directed at the one who asked about photoshop the previous night. photoshop chap’s a dear friend.

this post is directed at the non-so dear people (really, the term human is simply good a word for them…).


so… PAY up. unless i’m sweet on you.

i bite a LOT.

i remember.


it’s on a night like this that thoughts couldn’t be clearer. it’s on a night like this where there ain’t any other distractions of the night. the rain has drowned out the croaks of the toads, the cries of the lizards and other insects in the vicinity. and what all we can hear is the sound of the rain, like a battering ram hitting on the grounds

strange. the splattering calms the nerves, just like what the waves from the coast and beaches does. the calm repetitive motion and sound that seems safe and clear.

somethings in life, we are used to the policy ‘blood for blood’, ‘an eye for an eye’, ‘a taste of your own medicine’, ‘do not, what you want others to do not on you’. till the extend that its a habit. so flawlessly integrated into our system that its an auto defense mechanism system.

these day, everyone his highness meet simply enjoys revolving about the topic of getting a ‘legal wheels’ and the big C. seemingly that the big C forms the aspect of all life and social. where the big C makes the world go round. as if without a big C, a man is a lesser. a lesser than beta creature.

while being alpha is a not too important task for his not so mightiness, being beta is fine. after, a beta takes things the easier way out where alpha has to fight their way to retain their alpha status. a beta with a supporting round is fine. all alphas need betas’ aid for their knightship.

perhaps his highness enjoys being beta too much.

erm… why is the topic branching off to betas… out of the point again.


back to the big C. if only everyone would shut their big thoughts on a big C topic. life will just on fine. there’s already pretty much chaos and complex sense on that. theres prob no need to rub it in.

then again, when even the royal family rubs that in with EVERY single association. it is a pain in e arse. and his highness kept his silence. still, they go on, session after session of counsel meeting.



the big C is already an issue. period


recent, his highness was talking to pokemon. pokemon sweet as usual. we talk about some past. it was great mind sharing.

and well, she’s astonished that his highness been a B.A all the while. she says his highness a GEM.

GEM GEM GEM, was all she said.

and surprising, his royalness reply with something truthful. afterall, she has shared something that was of real importance from her past. its only fair that he give some truth, aside from the usual crap he gives others.

same question. yet different answers for different people of different degrees of worthiness

he replied pokemon, “w no C, no M n no L… of course……….”. in reality, he meant ‘w no C, no M n no L… of course i’m a B.A in e social’.

simple logic. still, pokemon’s a treasure with her replies of “pure”, “goodness”, GEM. a good girl, she’s now. greatness. and its a royal blessing to know someone worthy =)

to top it off (or down), with some counsel sessions who been rubbing on the C issue. its a blessing.


and so, when anyones decides to talk about a C, he simply keeps mum and tune off. sulkin, he hope they get the point and stfu.

they never did.

thats why humans are disappointing.

and felines are so much better. afterall, they dun talk. they either purr or scratch.


and so, just the other time. he stop being beta and went alpha. to give those C topics chatters a taste of their vulnerability. just one dose, and they weren’t too happy about it.

if there is a need to be alpha, the beta will go alpha on blood for blood. otherwise, they prefer to be beta, and let the wanna alphas roam.

let him be. a beta.

for if he hates u. he remembers for life. vengeful? perhaps…

went for a ‘talk’ after school with lovely people. the talk was ended by adam khoo. he’s as charmastic as before, just 4 years ago. appearance-wise, still the same. meet him in 1 of the MLM talks. then again, one who is good, has the right to brag and be forceful. that’s the way of life. admire him

despite his inspiration talks. i dun like his coy the least bit. it has sometime to do with his team of speakers. you see, one of his speakers left a humanitarians bad impression on me. he’s a PIG HAND. i believe 咸猪手 is the correct chinese/mandarian expression for it.

that’s around eons ago. friend of mine took some course in adam’s coy. speaker 咸猪手 was the ‘teacher’ for my friend. 咸猪手 was extremely friendly to my friend. offering to drive her TO and FRO to the venue. offering to drive her to WORK. it freak her out. at the time, we were all young. prob around 16-18? and not too knowledgable in fending off 咸猪手 advances.

friend asked me to actually accompany her when 咸猪手 offered to drive her to her part time work. many a times, 咸猪手 tried to lay his fility hands on my friend’s thighs during the ride in the damm car.

now.. with such an impression…. and bad association, it’s not suprising i dun really like adam’s coy.

咸猪手 stinks.


but’s adam khoo’s talks kick ass. got for his talks. just pray u dun get speaker 咸猪手. anyway… 咸猪手’s a old man. with graying hair. beware


someone taught meto ride in 1st person lingua. it actually helps to calm my nerves down for a bit. seems to work. thought i hate using the word ‘i’ ‘i’ ‘i’ all the while. next post onwards… should he write in 1st or 3rd person?

you decide.

don’t we all love it when others assume we take charge of some other? don’t we all love it when others assume we represent some other? don’t we all love it when others assume we speak for some other?

well, this individual don’t exactly love it. cos what others assume is costing him. dearly.

association don’t mean we take charge for them. friendship with them don’t mean we represent them. being mateys don’t mean we speak for, nor decide for them.

then again, most people don’t get it. despite most of them having a rather decent brain. perhaps not.

assumption makes an ass of you and me. in case you haven’t hear. assume forms up ‘ass’ ‘u’ ‘me’, rather it goes assume makes an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’. simple? still, most people don’t get the point.

it will be sweet at times for most people to do their task, jobs, aims directly instead of doing it in a loop channel i.e man-in-the-middle method. please connect direct

save the hassle. save the representation. save the asses.

cos your assuming is costing his royal highness dearly.


and yes, his royal pain in the ass is back.


and hush, he’s connecting 3rd party now. and he’s a little mad about it. =(

whatever.. he must really complain

we wonder why…

repeating is a chore. and people just have to make his highness repeat himself.

let’s see. repeating is okay. repeating the same thing to different people is okay. repeating the same thing to the same person at different times, or different dates is okay.

BUT, making his highness repeating 3 times in a span of seconds is STUPID.

GET A BLOODY brain and live off.


his highness says: take it out

ZYX says: you don’t need it?

his highness : take it out

ZYX : really

his highness: take it out (annoyed)

ZYX: but..

his higness: TAKE it out.. (staring)


can’t stand it when they do it…