Astonished [吃惊]

now, that accounts for our vibrant musical scene online…

just here to enlarge it


the FOOL and cousin bibi was walking back to the carpark. and at the t-junction right infront of them, right beside the traffic control, right smack in front of them…

a motorbike almost crashed into a car. well… it’s almost…. close shave…

rather, the bike stop about 10 cm at the side of the car. perhaps it was close than 10 cm. but, which chap will actually go forward to measure the distance? besides, who will actually have a ruler for situations like this?

and so, everyone at the crossing was shocked. we hear mutters all around. then again, it the usually thoughtless comments… stuff like
1. f
2. shit.
3. tmd.
4. wtf
5. wa lao
6. crazy
7. motocyclists…!#$!%!

what stuck us was actually this… both bibi and I actually rose our arms to block the blood that was suppose to fly towards us.

since there’ wasn’t any crash. no blood.


yes, that’s 1 weird family we are. prob seen too much deaths and ppl dying around us to feel anything otherwise…

twisted we are.

and since the trusty iPOD dead the other day (rather, it’s been 2 weeks plus), his royal highness has been hunting for another bargain price for iPOD.

and there’s 1. priced at SGD 377, theres a free RAZER phones and casing at iSHOP, cenileisure lvl 3. and what’s next?

“excuse, i’ll like to purchase the iPOD 30GB”, his highness goes asking.

“eh? what? that one since beginning of the month, no stock liao”, answers the salesman in a rude, bochap matter.

OH CRAP. they have no stock since the beginning of the month. and they have the cheek to hang their huge ad at cenileisure. if there’s no stock, how did they did the stock to SPONSOR 2 iPOD 30GB to my next event? crappy loh…

nevertheless sianz….

and his highness drag lola yiting and xiandi cindy over too?

wa LAO….

Here is the original FUNNY version of Lucky Star OP.

and here’s the Live Action HORRIBLE version.

Watch it. And compare…. it’s really  similar.. though. it’s scary

This is one shocking “Lucky Star Live Action”

Thanks to Otakuism site, who found the “Live Action” terror version.


Kudos to the man who actually was brave enough to do it. Afterall, all Lucky Star loveannbes will murder him…

and then, friendster decides to pop an email over to his royal highness. it’s actually a weekly thing. the email contains updates about stuff like, so and so has a updated new pictures, so and so has new testimonials etc etc. nothing too distressing or annoying. it’s just a weekly updated that gets a one second attention from his highness and poof it goes into the delete box.

and say what you know, we have a surprise this time round.

XYZ has a new testimonial added. why would someone whose not longer breathing be getting a new testimonial? unless they happen to be breathing again…

curious, our crushed royalness clicked. we see a testimonial that vaguely says something like,

“hey, you’re back! …. miss you…. yeah…. go out soon… …. …”

his highness was puzzled. back in hell? huh? what the hell is going on?

and then, truth dawned on his highness…




technology can’t lie. not like some lying bitch elsewhere whose breathing around. technology reveals all. technology unrevels the biggest questions. and with a linking world held by technology, DON’T FUCKING LIE.

time to sleep and go out with humans tomorrow

-end of story-

read something from ‘weird’. why is someone nicknamed weird? cos he’s weird, that’s why. and of course, that’s nothing to blog about ‘weird’. it just feels weird blogging about weird. haha

this is so weird.


gods, school started not long ago and already the workload is creepy. his highness did a dateline listing on ms excel 2003, and found that he has 16 datelines till date. if he adds more stuffs from nm2221, it’s going to be like 22 dateslines. and that’s not all of it.

oh my god… 22 projects. mini projects, assignments. call it whatever. all it matters is that it has a general pie on the overall grades. a freaky min of 10% for every single one. gods… will god save us all? or is he on vacation? afterall, everyone needs a vacation, even god too!



and of course… here some other news…

only 3 final year exams…

2 of them were cancelled…

which meants a 100% CA which is damm heavy…. ARGH….

weekly projects 10% weightage… argh….

his royalness rather have the 40% weightage exams back, and make the CA a hell lot easier.

and so, this sem is worse then before.


when mom and dad named his royal highness, they didn’t really have a clue on how this name would have made him a ‘miss’ in many occasions…. and how feminine it sounds to the untrained ear.

for example, the yellow ribbon conference made him a nice little tag that labeled him as ‘MISS’ Y.R.P

for seconds, the nurse at the hospital, clinics never fails to calls him ‘MISS’ Y, whenever they did not notice HIM as HIM among the sea of patients.

all because the last syllabus of his name sounds female. “ping” sounds girl. =(

still, it’s a good name. lu li did mention it sounds poetry in nature. tweety sensei back in the cchsm days said the same too. even the chinese drama teacher from tpjc said that. but still…


not too happy about it, our lead character did a name change to robbie.

but this website: the name machine has to spolit it all!!!!


Robbie: It’s a girl!
Since 1880, a total of 17,659 boys have been given the name Robbie while 20,297 girls were named Robbie.

well done indeed. when he chose the name himself. it has to be a girl’s name… gods…