Bored [无聊]





不悦·不爽·不高兴 感觉自己保收委屈时,

文笔就棒的惊人。 真是惊天地泣鬼神。。。

高兴时。。。 笔锋嫩如幼童。。。 可笑极了。

好可 啊!


it’s as the topic heading goes…popular? more likely, it’s a risk, his royalness feels…

strange beings are adding his royalness online… in msn.

they go by introducing themselves…

“hi… i’m EFG’s friend. can i add u? heard ya a [and all the heavens suck up phrases…]”

“we’ve meet b4 @ e S.H.E marina square autograph session”

we did? hmmm…. definitly something to ponder upon.

follow by some mindless chatter.


boring exchanges… y?

it’s a male. OH GODs…. what’s the deal?

go disturb some young gals… not his highness who dun really have much time for males…

neighbour did something really interesting today…

really interesting…

she set her house on fire…. wor… making dumplings…


it's dumpling day, where chinese celebrate the death of some guy call Qu Yuan. legends say that he jump into some nile river, and the peasants of that time, figured that if they throw in some dumplings into the nile, the fish will not goggle Qu Yuan up.


1st: the idea of dumplings seems good. okay, with alternatives, maybe Qu Yuan won't be eaten. BUT, they throw it in once a year… so for e rest of the year, poor Qu Yuan gets eaten up twice and over…

2nd: dumplings dun really taste tt nice. maybe human flesh taste better

3rd: y are they even celebrating it? some1's dead. for wat ever "i dun care y reason"

4th: they could have haul his remains up, before the fish feast even starts kicking in.

5th: and yeah….. river fishes are not carnoviores…. at least not in e region tt Qu Yuan died.


so…. moral of the story of the fire at neighbours'.

thou shall not dumplings day

it's a boring day. let's called it "boring, the gathering" as opposes to the game called. "magic the gathering" founded by Richard Garfield in 1994, the popular trading card game.

a total boring day spent watch the  "scary movie" movie series from movie 01 all the way to movie 04. it's stupid, and the series got dumber as it goes. esp when ya get silly slapsticks jokes that are really R21… and seriously not humorous at all. a quality day wasted! darN!


caught with chung. chat a bit. he's leaving in july. sighs…everyone's leaving. blasted!


rotting day. it's MIND r-O-t.


his royal highness repeated. due to extreme boredoom, and mind r-o-t. every1's in a shitty mood.


over n out. BORED ROT! Fook

this is terrible. the worse. the end. full stop.


i can’t stand the tupid, the brainless, the low intell. i meant it. if i deem u and label you as an idiot. sorry. i do not associate myself with you. neither are we acqualties (yah… my english really … lol… stinks)

chinese is exam is tupid, brainless and low intell. (just kidding) but then again, why are china PRCs studying chinese in singapore? in particular NUS? weird farts. tales have been spinning around that they “cannot make it in china loh… thats why come sg stardee chinese loh”. still, i wonder.


father is an IT goner. and i wonder. the family line lives in the new media industries, IT line. we have tcs media workers, we have harddisk enginers. we have pac net, we have starhubers, we have lectures on IT, we have legalized white hackers all in the family tree. and then, we have father. the only IT-lacking entity in the bloodline.

Y? i wonder.

father just spolit another of my IT stuff. idiot. and sold it away. wat a DUMB fart!

he has an hp. he spolits it. he loans my backup phone for useage. and spolits it. then.. he SMARTLY sells it away for like wat? 10 lousy bucks? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!

damm… if we dun share the same bloodline… he’s dead. damm it!



okay, now what? exams are over. it’s all over. it’s the end. but then, the end just meant a new beginning. a fresh start. or rather, more shit to happen.


if today was made into a movie. no1 would watch it. it was BORING. yes. it was boring. muscles were aching. not the arms or the legs, just the face. great workout on the face.

why was it boring? cos. the only exercise was eating. muaching.. just image that into the mind. if the only thing that was moving was the mouth, a thousand chew motion is boring.

so was smiling. everyone was forcing a smile out. so corny


it was just terrible. esp taking the draggy JS paper. dear tutor was just trying to be funny. the last to return back the projects.and the only tutor who enjoys trashing people’s feeelings up. why so?

she puts the grade in big big big big big big BOLD letters on the cover page. and so, the whole world can parade with it and see the score. hag!~ insensative person.

collected my grp’s script with m c k b ‘s work.

on the way, i was like dreading… hoping to just collect and buzz off and only see the grade at home… and 10x to tupid tutor. it’s on e copy page.

saw m c k b ‘s work. saw my grpies’ work.

was totally wondering how to break the news to m later. stress.


chinese paper was… well… not worth mentioning. over. and 6 more chinese mods to clear. yucks! y is pri sch chinese with persian sensie, sec sch’s chinese with tweety bird sensei so fun , and jc chinese with cloud sensei so fun.. n varsity chi so BORING!


dinner was crap. it was a long Q for the ladies. bad services. tt’s all.

y crap? i hate crap fish (crab fish lah) lol!

it was a gathering of 6 super humans. we have O who has the power of gentlemaness, we have G the power of time whos alwasy late, we have R the crazy, we have F the breadmaster, M the power of smiling everytime, and we have C, the silent once.

G was late again. horiblely late. full stop.

M got the script back, and was totaly forcing herself to smile. just looking at the moment makes me feel terrible. the mouth was moving, the eyes were in fact frowning n slightly redening. terrible.

C actually tok a little more then usual upon taking the paper.

seriously, i should have lied and say i forgot to take e paper. my bad!

O n G was obviously have some problems. there’s was a certain lvl of displeasure btw them, and it’s buliding up.

O tried to impress more then usual. boring.

F was… nvm tt… can’t tell. sitting beside a person, makes the person invisble to my LOS (line of sight) and observation. but it was comforting. y? no idea.

R was being excessive talkative n crappy. y? so M n C will smile a little more genuninely. it work. wow. crap works.


had a gathering. funny encounter.

thumbs up to all (let’s forget the guys again), the thoughtful event tt also marked the end of exams for most.. yes. most.


every1 left in the end. no real movie to watch in e end.

but then, a little movie was still on going when every1 left. but it was boring.


back to thinking mode. no more crap jokes. time to be normal.

mask of joy off.


father is still an IT idiot. chinese was crap. js tutor was a bitch.

social brigde is not “bitch”..

if one was to take a extremely nonsensical approach to life, they might find interest on a world called Kyon.

now, Kyon is a very strange world indeed. other worlds in the galaxy has contentients that seen to divide the world up. however, on the world of Kyon, such an entity does not exists. indeed, on Kyon, there exists parallel worlds bridges. As a matter of fact, parallel time frames co-exist on Kyon. Our story focus on the parallel time frame called Aron.

in actual terms, it might not be techically correct to named it Aron. Now, because human curiousity tends to rack the heads of the "must know people", we shall just called in Aron time frame, to appease the distasteful.
and so, following a time of scale on human terms, let's call the country where it all happen to be Tomb. tomb is actually a specific area where all the paradox occured.


Holoson city, 1000 hrs.
after a hard day's work, Yayoe slipped of his mask of neutrality. it already stank of perspiration. very carefully, he eased his body into the bath water, waiting for the healing water to work his wonders.

his aging body screamed for the water to perform the miracles. for as long as he could remeber, he had been called yayoe on this world

he dreamt.

in his dreams, yayoe was racking his century old brain in figuring out to break the news to the Queen. two choices. and yet, both choices seem equally hard to break news.


the wind stopped. the silence from the continous raging storms in Holoson startled him from his dreamings.


and Yoyoe begin his plans…


in aron, the notion of crimes has a very different notion as that to other parallel time frames. on other worlds, robbing could be considered a crime. murdering could be a crime. and for heaven's sake, even a little swearing have someone landed up the jail.

now, that's a different case in aron time frame. in particular tomb country, Holoson city. crime has taken a different act altogether. now, we can actually treat aron as a world that has yet to develop the monsterous technology of Earth. aron, is classified as old world, where the 4 legged were still the main form of transport, where magic was still the "science"

as a result, the thoughts that spinned everyone around on Earth this days do no really share a link. instead, the crime-o-logy were emotionally, honesty based. and yes, the ruler of aron is a lady.

anyone who breaches the protocol has the head on a platter.


in the grounds, yayoe sharpens his blade.


the crowd tensed up as the verdict was decreed. yayoe stood up and walked slowly towards the central grounds. there, a circle has already form around the gulity. the crowd parted a little for the Queen's man to perform his task.

the queen's man raised his blade and struck home


the heads rolled off.


they keep saying "love conquers all…it does not work that way" "hate conquers all."

do not make me chose. NEVER make me chose…

surprising, the hatred and anger did not surface beyond the face or emotions. it brewed…


 fun's over. i'm bORED!