Not Pleased [不那么爽]

it’s on a night like this that thoughts couldn’t be clearer. it’s on a night like this where there ain’t any other distractions of the night. the rain has drowned out the croaks of the toads, the cries of the lizards and other insects in the vicinity. and what all we can hear is the sound of the rain, like a battering ram hitting on the grounds

strange. the splattering calms the nerves, just like what the waves from the coast and beaches does. the calm repetitive motion and sound that seems safe and clear.

somethings in life, we are used to the policy ‘blood for blood’, ‘an eye for an eye’, ‘a taste of your own medicine’, ‘do not, what you want others to do not on you’. till the extend that its a habit. so flawlessly integrated into our system that its an auto defense mechanism system.

these day, everyone his highness meet simply enjoys revolving about the topic of getting a ‘legal wheels’ and the big C. seemingly that the big C forms the aspect of all life and social. where the big C makes the world go round. as if without a big C, a man is a lesser. a lesser than beta creature.

while being alpha is a not too important task for his not so mightiness, being beta is fine. after, a beta takes things the easier way out where alpha has to fight their way to retain their alpha status. a beta with a supporting round is fine. all alphas need betas’ aid for their knightship.

perhaps his highness enjoys being beta too much.

erm… why is the topic branching off to betas… out of the point again.


back to the big C. if only everyone would shut their big thoughts on a big C topic. life will just on fine. there’s already pretty much chaos and complex sense on that. theres prob no need to rub it in.

then again, when even the royal family rubs that in with EVERY single association. it is a pain in e arse. and his highness kept his silence. still, they go on, session after session of counsel meeting.



the big C is already an issue. period


recent, his highness was talking to pokemon. pokemon sweet as usual. we talk about some past. it was great mind sharing.

and well, she’s astonished that his highness been a B.A all the while. she says his highness a GEM.

GEM GEM GEM, was all she said.

and surprising, his royalness reply with something truthful. afterall, she has shared something that was of real importance from her past. its only fair that he give some truth, aside from the usual crap he gives others.

same question. yet different answers for different people of different degrees of worthiness

he replied pokemon, “w no C, no M n no L… of course……….”. in reality, he meant ‘w no C, no M n no L… of course i’m a B.A in e social’.

simple logic. still, pokemon’s a treasure with her replies of “pure”, “goodness”, GEM. a good girl, she’s now. greatness. and its a royal blessing to know someone worthy =)

to top it off (or down), with some counsel sessions who been rubbing on the C issue. its a blessing.


and so, when anyones decides to talk about a C, he simply keeps mum and tune off. sulkin, he hope they get the point and stfu.

they never did.

thats why humans are disappointing.

and felines are so much better. afterall, they dun talk. they either purr or scratch.


and so, just the other time. he stop being beta and went alpha. to give those C topics chatters a taste of their vulnerability. just one dose, and they weren’t too happy about it.

if there is a need to be alpha, the beta will go alpha on blood for blood. otherwise, they prefer to be beta, and let the wanna alphas roam.

let him be. a beta.


just the other day, the tabloid newspaper showed a disturbing report. the sick pervert cat killer’s back loose on the streets of singapore. and not long after he was out from the changi chalet, he did another cat hunt. stupid moron, all cats killers should just get hang. curse them all.

and that following night, mr car (she’s a lady… lol) forwarded a email. it was more disgusting content. there’s actually someone who snapped pictures of a step-by-step process of someone stomping heels onto the body of a fragile cat. and of course, there’s the heeling into the eyes of the poor cat.

wtf is wrong with this world. we have scumbags partoling our streets and the police catches them. and we have !@#$%^&*() cats killers on the prowl, and all they get is a lousy sentence or fine. screw them all.

ain’t the life of a cat as precious? be damm… if only there’s cat patrol, or the neighborhood cats patrol.

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tutorial was kindof weird. we never actually answered any qs based on wat we learn. instead, the question was something that aids us in thinking of a future career that we want to do. what do we want in what we cannot see and hold.

thats the tutorial question for class. mdm chung was excited abt the topic. but no one was interested in the qs.

let’s face it. everyone comes for class for attendance and participation points. however, if the qs are vague and not concrete, only those who actually wanna to leech off participation points will ans. sure enough, we have some answers from the likes.

the rest of them, voiced their ans when appointed by mdm.

sure enough, since the team’s usually hell lot enthu abt class (we just sit right smack in front), mdm chung was a bit surprised that we were dirt quiet in class and actually sat at the back of the class.

we bump into her after class and student and lecturer just talk. the usual chit chat on stuff. she ask why we’re silent in the class. (u see, the people at the back around me were like… “bo liao tutorial today”) and i blandly said the question was stupid when she asked. the rest of the gals were sweeter, they ans in a nice way. but hey… asking our career options in a tutorial qs is silly… (i’m academic whore)

i think i hurt her feelings… and she actually changed tutorial qs tonight though an email. i think she is a sweet passionate lecturer. however, i’ve still hurt her feelings.

maybe i’ll talk more in class thereafter. with some content, not just to leech participation pts.

and so, he attempts to play some games. or, at least tries to find the motivation to play some games.

while earnestly staring at the msn screen. pondering, considering and fearing the options that aren’t really available.


in most essays, in particular general paper essay, there is always the need to consider the



culture, and perhaps the
political factors

in real life, the above mentioned factors applied in every single choice, every single option that we face.

and it pretty much stink!


if there weren’t that much of a difference in mentality, social economically, culture. there would be an easy conclusion. the option to take action.

sadly, the huge gap exists. and how big it is…


somethings, he hates that uncontrollable element that diminishes the paths he can chose. he hates the one, THAT particular one who made him lag way back. the one who made all the great disparity possible.


then again, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good someone to pour out to? but it’s not safe at all to do so. it’s too dangerous. look what happen when he chose to trust way back. the unworthy male bastards who betrays.

frankly speaking, the world’s a dark place. danger lurks. there is no trust. =X


nevertheless, he will treasure the times and brood hatred.

hmmm… his royal highness was studying just moments ago…

and a thought sprung onto his mind…

the scholar ring of 4 have not mug together for a season. 1’s canada, 1’s in NZ. just 2 of us mugging aren’t exactly fun.


1. plaster up someone’s mouth

2. plaster up someone’s mouth for good

3. plaster up ………………………………………………….

4. plaster up someone’s mouth for good and …. and … and …. slap the mouth swollen…


we wonder why lily girl’s so interested in knowing his royal highness’s happenings over well girls..

“so interesting meh?”

“so interesting to happily link anyone female with a romance?”


then again, if such a thing is true that his royal highness simply chasing skirts over every single girl he meet… he will be damm busy.

really… argh…


still, it has been a good day overall? overall, it’s been a day =)

yes it is, it’s a good day.

for those who knows, it’s been a goody good day =)


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