Pissed [不爽]

just the other day, the tabloid newspaper showed a disturbing report. the sick pervert cat killer’s back loose on the streets of singapore. and not long after he was out from the changi chalet, he did another cat hunt. stupid moron, all cats killers should just get hang. curse them all.

and that following night, mr car (she’s a lady… lol) forwarded a email. it was more disgusting content. there’s actually someone who snapped pictures of a step-by-step process of someone stomping heels onto the body of a fragile cat. and of course, there’s the heeling into the eyes of the poor cat.

wtf is wrong with this world. we have scumbags partoling our streets and the police catches them. and we have !@#$%^&*() cats killers on the prowl, and all they get is a lousy sentence or fine. screw them all.

ain’t the life of a cat as precious? be damm… if only there’s cat patrol, or the neighborhood cats patrol.



simply said… there are too many noisy people around who refuses to shut their big mouth up ONLINE.

stop spamming mass broadcast messages. they refuse to.

and so his royal highness decides to ban everyone who does a mass broadcast that is either

1. irrelevant

2. goes beyond the mass hello

3. send pm messages to 1 single chap, but end up mass broadcasting. f.



and his royal highness sits round pondering resting on the passing of the day… puzzles puzzles puzzles…

he continues to brood on the sense of nothingness. brooding on nothings? you say… what’s there to brood about when there is technically nothing to brood about? there must be something to brood about… you say

so, what’s the matter that deem a brood? nothing? to be exact, his highness is clueless, and slightly disorientated. OVER nothing. truly, there is nothing. and his highness continues to brood over the nothingness …


he carries the brood to an afternoon of project ‘gathering’. at least for now, things are looking good. aren’t they?

and so, he continues his path of endless sub-classed dried humor as work progress. at least, the mood was merry. at least. no there wasn’t much brood paths…

really, the mask that was casted over the brooding, sure work. hell yeah. (selling selling, to the highest bidder)


the rain in the afternoon was delighting. surprising how a little rain seem to brighten the day. the smell of rainwater, the fragrances from the soil, the cool breeze, the foggy frontal.

it seemingly encourage and inspires more pondering ….


disturb [F]&Ns at work. yup, when his royal highness gives his word. he does it. =). his word is golden. (silver is still a much nicer color)

the phones are singtel xmas show were gorgeous. such class. the motorala k1, the sony 610i. the phone of desire. perhaps when the time is right, it will be a battle between an improved version of motorala k1 or sony 610i. perhaps a nokia for a change? hmmm…. perhaps…


went rotting at kino after that to kill time. saw so many books that he wanted to buy… a simple calculation sums it to around SGD 70… even after a member discount of 10&, it’s still a bomb. time to wait for member special of 20% after the exam. perhaps tigeress can grab the chance to get her death note manga.



alpha beads at the FORUM sure’s a dear. for the curious, it’s just letters on the beads (rather, it’s cubes). wait a minute, was the store called FORUM? anyway, it’s a grand arts store chain that sites itself on the top of kino (2 stories above) in ngee ann city. a trip inside sure enlightened his highness.

the stuffs inside have improved. more variety. oh, the manikin figurines. lovely. definitive a MUST get for the coolness and art factor. the panel wood for burning craves. a MUST grab at SGD 5. not to mention the alpha beads….

did he mentioned that the royal name R has never appeared in any keychains? or what so ever. since the royal name R comes from another root name, R is just not available. perhaps… his royalness might just purchases alpha beads to make his name out.


he wonders why the world goes gaa-gaa when they learn that his highness did art in the jc years. its just art. something fun. something to express the hidden darkness within. doing art doesn’t deserve oddball stares or dropping jaws…

his highness wonders… perhaps, he should drop art in the As. he should have drop the crap mod called physics instead. maybe it would have been more fun? art is fun.


The OPERA GALLERY , PARIS has added collections. NEW collections for the misinform. it seems, texture art or paining the ‘in’ thing. bounces from acrylic, plasters, oil paints were everywhere on the pieces posted. and of course, the themes that touches on BLACK and WHITE were the best art in his royal opinion. perhaps the best.

using tones of black, white, to portray an picture, a scene requires the most skills in his royal opinion (IHRO). many fools might say black white toning is dirt easy. Fools indeed. Black and white arts requires the feel and spirit. it has to been felt, the gish must be felt by the chap appriehating it.

then ago, maybe the royal fool is talking.

fools.. indeed… we all are?

if one was to question his royal highness on the most annoying thing in the world.

as of oct 04, 0326 hrs, the answer will be msn pictures.


a picture tells a thousands words…

it can tell a thousand truthful words, or it can tell a zillion nonsenses.


may it not the what his highness thinks…

may it not be…


else… the samurai momument blade looks so luring…

what’s this?



just when his royal highness has resolved to move over and onwards…

this hit him.

stinky darts!


u win. stinker

dun ya brag n publiclize

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and his royal highness thinks he’s really a horrible judge of human character… but then again, how many will disagree or agree with such a statement?

perhaps communicating with so called “beasts”, the supposingly lower heriachey of the world could enlightened us?

beasts, our fellow mammals communicated with roars, bleachs.. howling.. shrieking… chirping which seem awlfully rude to us. at least to the min, it’s still a communication agent that is agreeable to them. and most importantly, they do not go by “your. your. your”


“your” this.”your” that! WHAT? UR what? THINGS?

A: where’s your XYZ and YOUR TUV
A: get your XYZ to go too
A: sorrie. can’t meet u and your XYZ

taking note XYZ is really the name of a fellow royalty
now, humans really like to communicated and tried another of their peers as things. things to be toss around. things to be given. things to be share.

what’s wrong with the humans?


and on the phone conversation, his highness tried to correct the other human that “your” isn’t exactly a term to be used on his royalness’s friend.

still. the “your” term goes on. rattling on…


still, human A went unnoticing to the irriation of his highness…

human A’s alright in all human aspects.

perhaps the notion of human A happily grouping friend XYZ, TUV as things of his royal highness just bugs him


humans are not belongings of another human.


on another note, there’s alwasy shows that involves 2 guys. 1 gal.

the poor 2 chaps will fight over the gal.. etc etc over love dovey issues. basically, some shit will happen. the other will say: she’s yours! take care of her.

story2 will go. 2 chaps will still fight over a gal. they will compete. the prize will be the gal. and hey.. there you go.. the gal became a trophey. a PRIZE to be won. A material. a THING!


however, under the barbarianc behavoir of boys, their speech of treating others as things is logical due to genre instincts.

HOWever, it’s unsightly for a FEMALE to treat another FEMALE as an possession of a MALE. totally wrong….


perhaps it’s all a blunder. a sort of a conceptual thought. but it’s once too many. 😦



the word I I I isa selfish thought

the word YOUR YOUR YOUR is a similar thought weighing the same sins!

taboos taboos.. infrigement number 1!

oh well… it’s 1ast minutes into the game.. and a stunning goal was scored by italy. it broke all the hearts of thee germans and german supporters…

lennman’s gd enough keeper to save the classical goals…

guess.. the stunner goal was too gd n it beat him.

the instense pain shocked his world.. to let super sub del piero to score a crasher…


when.. as the games goes on into critics… there’s bound to be fingers to be pointed to why the game was lost etcetc…

so…. pity the poor striker who will get media scapegoat attention…

when.. they’ve done all they can and there’s nthing much to brood over it.

germs in 3rd placing match! u can do it!

but then again.. italy man r WEAk. they go.. OUCH… OUCH.. my face… OUCH OuCh..

best faker.. totti.. again… rolls over… somersots to cheat. ass!


now people ask~ y his royal highness’s really into support the germs.

well.. the jersey is indeed really cool…

2nd.. the third reich of adolf hithler rocks his world.

the blizt techiques… were brillant!

if pester USA didn’t come in.. the world will be naZI n nipo-lism of germs..


the third reich! hail germany!


sobs..mel.. sobs.. faith!

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