Pleased [好爽]

his highness has always been impressed with someone remembers his name. its a sweet thing to always remember someone’s name.

and when ys’s dad remembered his name (his mom did too) at the airport when the boys were kicking ys off to uk, he was genuine flattered. afterall, it’s been 12 years since he last spoke to him. hmmm…

its a rare thing for parents to actually remembered name of the friends of their kid =)


well… quite a few parents do know his royal highness’s name. in a good way of course =)


and boy, ys’s younger bro – yy – by many years look damm macho… no more than noisy kid who runs around too much… =D


to all the nice people who remember names, people and faces =) kudos to you.

to all those who don’t… start getting a camera and a marker!


all should take hail and run away from an imbalance libra. when the scales are tipped, when the scales are not in perfect balance, when something is weighing down, when something is unfair… all should jolly well buzz off.

event 01:-


thank you and good day to you.

now, please kill me and jolly well fuck off.

yours truly


event 02:-

being fair is bad. being ruthless is way to go. the worse, the better.

crappy goody two shoes lick dirt.

hello devil,

i believe we have come to a compromise. let’s have a warm relationship

yours truly,


and today, or just recently, a good man found himself taken. he will no longer like the number one, but he’ll like the number 2 instead. pretty much he’ll find the number 3 a crowd. LOL =)!

congrats buddy directions.

extremely happy.

i’ve finally gathered the courage to go through the past memories. and learn new insights from friendster.

and the new stuff i’ve learn made me feel really good.

now that the mourning’s past. it’s long overdue to look forward.

sept sorrow is long gone.


yes, i’m a true blue libra. one who will forsake once the novelty is gone.

still, it took a good 9 years to do so.

goodbye s.k.t (reverse)

and i can learn to l___ again

it’s time for a new life.

this is good.

had another dream. and it’s a nightmare? rather, it’s sweet. yes, in a way, it’s sweet. now, people who know will know what ‘sweet’ and ‘interesting’ means =)

it was at a party. with random people. party not in a club or pub. but it was a party in this white room. other than that room, there were a few doors. one of them happen to be the laundry room. it’s the type you see in the states.

and it’s those nice little spaces where you always get to see drunk ppl making up within.

well, in the dream, his royal highness wasn’t exactly drunk. he was inside the laundry room with some unknown female. well… possible planning to do the ………… (well.. his highness not a holy saint =X, still such a dream is unforgivable =X)

there was this small window at the laundry room. the someone (who it was) was going to cover the window before any activity happen. someone happen to look into the room at the exactly same moment.

everyone got shocked (everyone = royal highness, the dunno who someone & the ‘looker’ ) the looker was ‘goddess’

damm! a sense of guilt came over. ‘goddess’ was really angry. she shouted something. it’s probaberly highness’ name. highness fled out to apologize.

‘goddess’ was now where to be seen.

and his highness wept.



why did his royal highness dreamt of ‘goddess’? when he see no light =(

but it’s a good fact that ‘goddess’ was really angry. but for that, his highness is pleased.

will his royalness ascend to god-dom with ‘goddness’?

still, ‘goddess’ look as goddess as ever. with her =) =) smile and her =) =) grinz is beautiful even when she’s annoyed.


now, who is goddess? make a guess


and today we wonder. an argument is pretty interesting at times. a “fight” adds spice to life. so not all arguments and “fights” are not fun. in fact, with the crowd and atmosphere, it’s darn fun.

and or, perhaps his royal highness would find more reasons to argue a bit.maybe not.

sweet thursday.


a ‘debate’ with a lecturer is fun.

sweet thursday


munchie monkey’s favorite pop drink was too sweet.

sweet thursday. we’ll all forgive them. sweet.


sweet phone call.

sweet thursday


school ends. no more annoying plastics morons in school

sweet thursday


mini fights, mini debates, mini arguments, mini calls



crazy days.

but it has concluded.

one shall not ask for more or be greedy.


spiderman3, pirates, silver surfer anyone?

bike. swim. ktv anyone?

the question has been ask.

sweet thursday

this is a great day. despite the potential to secure a D grading for forensic science, the day went fabulous?

one must not be greedy =)

perhaps it the end of exams that actually require mugging. periods it was something else. perhaps it was nothing.

but hell, it was good!


ponder of the day part 1: will the As cover the 1 HELLISH D?


ponder of the day part 2: sweet day. with e exception of the moronic…

amazement of the day: Long D call =) sweet too.

sweet sweet days


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