Satisfied [满足]

extremely happy.

i’ve finally gathered the courage to go through the past memories. and learn new insights from friendster.

and the new stuff i’ve learn made me feel really good.

now that the mourning’s past. it’s long overdue to look forward.

sept sorrow is long gone.


yes, i’m a true blue libra. one who will forsake once the novelty is gone.

still, it took a good 9 years to do so.

goodbye s.k.t (reverse)

and i can learn to l___ again

it’s time for a new life.

this is good.


and today we wonder. an argument is pretty interesting at times. a “fight” adds spice to life. so not all arguments and “fights” are not fun. in fact, with the crowd and atmosphere, it’s darn fun.

and or, perhaps his royal highness would find more reasons to argue a bit.maybe not.

sweet thursday.


a ‘debate’ with a lecturer is fun.

sweet thursday


munchie monkey’s favorite pop drink was too sweet.

sweet thursday. we’ll all forgive them. sweet.


sweet phone call.

sweet thursday


school ends. no more annoying plastics morons in school

sweet thursday


mini fights, mini debates, mini arguments, mini calls



crazy days.

but it has concluded.

one shall not ask for more or be greedy.


spiderman3, pirates, silver surfer anyone?

bike. swim. ktv anyone?

the question has been ask.

sweet thursday

and when the days begin to solely revolve about roaming about in the isle cruising against the winds on a bike; braving the water frontals at the swimming pool; dazing in the books of fantasy, the good things and the tempo of life begun to proceed onto stand down.

although, some constructive geeky techy work was done learning on gimmicks, the satisfaction index with the knowledge wasn’t at all high. even the endless flow of gatherings that seem to go on and on and on and on… (well.. you get the idea) was beginning to have a strain on mr piggy bank (yup, he complains too, on his dieting)


and then, the magical yinying wheel of life begins to turn, to a more promising situation. things are finally going to be interesting starting from the next week. it’s long overdue!!! the bores are gone.

Yin Yang Wheel


has been watching d.gray-man episodes. and there was this character that had struck with an impression. she’s miranda lott, a klutz who never been thank ever before in her entire life.

She tells them about how all her life she was a klutz and got fired job after job, and how she must be useless as she’d never ever been thanked for anything.

WRex’s Anime Whirls

then again, with such a poor thought, his royal highness (that’s me) decided to roam about doing some blog reading, hopping and blog revamp (some slight additions, dead link removal and worthy additions). and he discovered he has been thanked from the people!
not one, but two had spoken (actually, written or blogged) the magical two words that seem to register to them the existence his highness! sweet!!! this people are!!!

let’s see. not that he has never been appreciated in his life. it was never this verbal. most of them do it the body gesture way. we have grinning, smiling, the classical friendly punch, and of course hug at certain times. but the funny notion is, nothings beats and worth the heart with a simple ‘thank you‘.

let’s see. it is true that most people express gratitude in the form of body gestures like grinning, hugging, smiling, giving a friendly punch. but, nothings beats saying the magical word ‘thank you‘. doesn’t it?

it’s such a pity not much people say the magical words out…

so next time when someone deserved a big ‘thank you’, give him or her the magical words!

on a side note, if you meet his royal highness, give him the words, and a BIG HUG! throw in a kiss if you have to. (just kidding, i meant that)

finally rice returns as the staple food.

first time that rice was consumed at EASE. no pain (min), no swelling (min). peace. no more soggy soggy rice. the world beams in delight.

must the stress load that was removed after the exams offically ended with a small little celebration.

this is good. blissed.

Boos to throat ulcer! Yeah to RICE!

in a traditional chinese chess board, we have two teams: red and black/dark green.

red starts first. technically, in chinese chess logics, it means red has the technical advantage. “he who starts first has the first initicitive.”

on the other hand, black, being the latter suffers and handicap.  since in game of chinese chess, red gets the flow going. red decides the momentum of the game with the set pieces.


let’s picture the dangers, the ‘enemy’ as RED. since red leads us, We the BLACK pieces are at a disaster.


at this point. his highness’s pretty much lost the idea he’s conveying. but, HECk. he marches on! rantling!


then again, if the player playing BLAck is skilled enough, with a twist. he can grasp the leading game. he can tilt the way things go around. and yes, if red fails to regain it. black wins.

and at the moment. black has gain the leading step. he triumps.

now,  it’s important to retain the grasp of leading.


feeling: Triump! (not the undergarment u dupe!!!)


now, what’s the next move? a move that gains all the advantage, a move that moves ahead. a move that captures the heart of the game.

what will it be?


time to truimp over the txtbks!

we do know certain dialects are funny to speak.

someone said before, “cantonese sounds so refine.”

another said, “hokkien sounds so THE.”

another went, “teochew sounds CHIM.”


was reading just not long ago. on the section ah beng.

hilarous! singlish, beng-alism, hokkien, cantonese lingua all as one.

it’s as the world says, “hearts united all as one.”

a blend of lingua franca, makes reading all the hard. but FUN!

imagine all the ZEAL, all the excitement from reading the articles, spanning from the first sentence to the last sentence.

unbelievable achievement too!

and his royal highness feel so much better after a hearty laugh.


gossiping with people is really fun. maybe not.

let’s call it bonding. bonding with project mates via communication’s FUN.

every project groups. yes, we do mean EVERY single project group that his highness has meet = pure fun.

the talking, the communication, the contacts, and the crazy memories rushing work, not forgetting the occasional teasing…

had a great time talking with ‘ah lian’ online.




and so, we add more people to the list

1. gambling ivan! so broke with debts that he still sms =) wa… 5 cents wor!

2. dear chung! overseas still sms! u ROCK MAN!

3. carrotcak again! yeah!

4. goddess of rainbows & tigeress fishy
5. super model jy. fellow cat lover!!!

6. dearest meiyi! =) 6-7 years wor!  haha!  u anime freak!

7. OCBC bank –> crap..

8. florence! my policy agent.. haha

9. ting-galgal!

10. jon again!

11. JX!!! jieXIN!!!! wa… sweet sweet jx!

12. most impt of all…. the gang of weird ppl that we all lunch on tues! f&ns, m@ms, kreative, bell(dingdong), jas, zen, including ah b, ann, Os, laiyee =)

13. bibi boo~ muak!
14. mumu cow -> muak!
13. the sms list goes on… oops 1 sms just came in =)  who’s that? hmm.. and the list goes on =)
special 10x to f m =), s i c j y =)

sweet sweet 22 concludes!

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