Uncomfortable [不适]

hmmm… his royal highness was studying just moments ago…

and a thought sprung onto his mind…

the scholar ring of 4 have not mug together for a season. 1’s canada, 1’s in NZ. just 2 of us mugging aren’t exactly fun.



and so, strangely in the night his royal highness feel an sudden outburst of negativity… afraid; terrified; frighten; fearly and doubtful. it came like a blast, from nowhere…

and at the strike of around midnight, as though a miracle happen, something nice bestow on him. all the good, greatness, postivitity came back to ‘haunt’ him. yes… the choice of word is ‘haunt’. weird? perhaps…

well, afterall, his royal highness’s weird? he would very much prefered to be term as unique, one of a kind, ozzling with an aura that sets him apart from the norm in a good way.

okay… time to sleep.. (what a way to end..)

the cat’s feeling weird. on one hand, it’s considered a good day for all that matters. still, a sense of displeasure, unsastification clings onto his day. it’s as if nothing much was accomplish in the day.

he just seem to be ‘patrolling’ the streets, allys aimlessly. hmmm… he wonders…


met 2 in morning class. met 1 in another morning class. met 3 in breaks. met 3 more in breaks. 1 more at the end of the day. that’s abour 10 lovely girls that cat met today, either by routine or sheer conicidence.

a staple diet of having female companion’s usually makes the tuesdays a delightlful event. still, it doesn’t seem to be the case just today. weird.

at least, it’s still pretty good sense. argh, what are we talking about here?


red specs’s so nice! since it brings life, and shows vibrant energy coming from the one who wears it. and ‘ding dong bell’ has a new pair of red specs, that makes her all more lovely (lol.. all my friends are lovely wor *purrs*)

couldn’t help disturbing her specs…lol!

*feels like taking more shots of her with her news specs…. argh….*

[okay… this sounds sick… lol] (hey… it’s a pure intention… P-U-R-E… not evil wor…)

well…. nevermind.

no matter how one is adapt. no matter how one is skillful in protraying. no matter how one is gifted in withholding and controlling. no matter how one is a master of its own field of masking. it is the little bits and pieces that will give it away. given time, given the freedom of having unguard expressions, it shows more than we think we have allowed it to…

small talk. small speeches. small body shifts. small gestures that seem harmless, reveals more than what long chains of words can say.

the carefully choices of words that screams “political correctness” also unveils more than used. if one is a established politician, he or she will be (or rather, have to) an adapt in using pronouns. be it first person, second person or even third person pronoun.

different-person-pronoun used in different situations reveals the existing distance between the subjects mentioned. emotionally how far the subjects are apart.

and when a pronoun used over time, so does the emotion distance.

perhaps, to breach the politician’s gap with his or her supportors, they will use pronouns that suggest a kinship, a relation that seems to bond them up. a common identity helps in a politial runway.


 hence, if anyone wants to test the power of how the distance you and your friend perceived each another. check out the pronouns used in your daily lingua franca dialogue.

if it has changed. beware. be very ware.

freak out.

freaky monday night.

to think the pillow was damp when his royal highness woke up in the morning…

he woke up several things in the night with lots of moisture in the eyes,
back to sleep he went back, back to  dreams he  dove in.
continuing the dreams he was seeing, continuing the horror he was feeling,
everyone died, everyone perished,
the weeping continued, the dream continued

it’s time to get a new pillow…


just what was so sad that it make the pillow moist with tears?

too much fantasy stories of despair from elves, mages, the world facing an armageddon…


at least, he knows the tear glands are working… haha

and his royal highness sits round pondering resting on the passing of the day… puzzles puzzles puzzles…

he continues to brood on the sense of nothingness. brooding on nothings? you say… what’s there to brood about when there is technically nothing to brood about? there must be something to brood about… you say

so, what’s the matter that deem a brood? nothing? to be exact, his highness is clueless, and slightly disorientated. OVER nothing. truly, there is nothing. and his highness continues to brood over the nothingness …


he carries the brood to an afternoon of project ‘gathering’. at least for now, things are looking good. aren’t they?

and so, he continues his path of endless sub-classed dried humor as work progress. at least, the mood was merry. at least. no there wasn’t much brood paths…

really, the mask that was casted over the brooding, sure work. hell yeah. (selling selling, to the highest bidder)


the rain in the afternoon was delighting. surprising how a little rain seem to brighten the day. the smell of rainwater, the fragrances from the soil, the cool breeze, the foggy frontal.

it seemingly encourage and inspires more pondering ….


disturb [F]&Ns at work. yup, when his royal highness gives his word. he does it. =). his word is golden. (silver is still a much nicer color)

the phones are singtel xmas show were gorgeous. such class. the motorala k1, the sony 610i. the phone of desire. perhaps when the time is right, it will be a battle between an improved version of motorala k1 or sony 610i. perhaps a nokia for a change? hmmm…. perhaps…


went rotting at kino after that to kill time. saw so many books that he wanted to buy… a simple calculation sums it to around SGD 70… even after a member discount of 10&, it’s still a bomb. time to wait for member special of 20% after the exam. perhaps tigeress can grab the chance to get her death note manga.



alpha beads at the FORUM sure’s a dear. for the curious, it’s just letters on the beads (rather, it’s cubes). wait a minute, was the store called FORUM? anyway, it’s a grand arts store chain that sites itself on the top of kino (2 stories above) in ngee ann city. a trip inside sure enlightened his highness.

the stuffs inside have improved. more variety. oh, the manikin figurines. lovely. definitive a MUST get for the coolness and art factor. the panel wood for burning craves. a MUST grab at SGD 5. not to mention the alpha beads….

did he mentioned that the royal name R has never appeared in any keychains? or what so ever. since the royal name R comes from another root name, R is just not available. perhaps… his royalness might just purchases alpha beads to make his name out.


he wonders why the world goes gaa-gaa when they learn that his highness did art in the jc years. its just art. something fun. something to express the hidden darkness within. doing art doesn’t deserve oddball stares or dropping jaws…

his highness wonders… perhaps, he should drop art in the As. he should have drop the crap mod called physics instead. maybe it would have been more fun? art is fun.


The OPERA GALLERY , PARIS has added collections. NEW collections for the misinform. it seems, texture art or paining the ‘in’ thing. bounces from acrylic, plasters, oil paints were everywhere on the pieces posted. and of course, the themes that touches on BLACK and WHITE were the best art in his royal opinion. perhaps the best.

using tones of black, white, to portray an picture, a scene requires the most skills in his royal opinion (IHRO). many fools might say black white toning is dirt easy. Fools indeed. Black and white arts requires the feel and spirit. it has to been felt, the gish must be felt by the chap appriehating it.

then ago, maybe the royal fool is talking.

fools.. indeed… we all are?

Your Personality Profile

You are dependable, popular, and observant.
Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness.

In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do.You are unique, creative, and expressive.

You don’t mind waving your freak flag every once and a while.

And lucky for you, most people find your weird ways charming!

The World’s Shortest Personality Test


Definitely moody now…

Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness.

In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do.”

oh shit… this is true. but then again, he functions like a zombie.

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