Upset [不悦]

and he swear someone is simply out there on a rampage to rob his memories. each mechanical pencil represented a part of his life, his memories that surrounded it.

he remembered having a simple pink mechanical pencil. yes, it’s PINK in color. for some reason, it was a gift from someone who no longer breaths. she used it, and for some reason, it next came into his royal highness possessions. was it a gift? he could not longer remember.

all he could remember was the really pinky way that she pronounced his highness’s given name. and her cool cold features. the rest of the memories were already vague and gone. with the destruction of the pencil, more of the memories perished. still, a little remained. and in his royalness’s vault, it remained in pieces in a precious box. the memories forever locked in place. and the box remained seal till now.

till now. openin the box. the pencil remained broken. why was the box unsealed?  because, another pink pencil, one that was exactly the same in model, color, wore out condition was seen in someone else hands. someone whom his royalness just knew as a friend. rather, the pencil was what prompt his highness to friendship.

funny, a pencil that contained sealed memories, memories to be forgetten (probabaly) was what lead to a new friendship. an irony indeed. indeed, it is.

for starters, he thought the pencil revived itself. just what happens in fairy tales. that the rationale for unsealin the box for a confirmation check. and so it seems, another pencil has been appear.


why a pencil entry? just why? because his royal highness has lost a pencil. a pencil that probably didn’t have as much precious memories as the pink one. still, memories are memories. and the mechanical pencil he lost held fond memories as well. fond memories with her thinlyness the goddess.

and so as the tale goes, his highness pass his pencil in one of those crappy tutorials in the school. the pencil never came back. wtf.


be damm. and so, he sealed the box in its vault and proceeds to slumber


just the other day, the tabloid newspaper showed a disturbing report. the sick pervert cat killer’s back loose on the streets of singapore. and not long after he was out from the changi chalet, he did another cat hunt. stupid moron, all cats killers should just get hang. curse them all.

and that following night, mr car (she’s a lady… lol) forwarded a email. it was more disgusting content. there’s actually someone who snapped pictures of a step-by-step process of someone stomping heels onto the body of a fragile cat. and of course, there’s the heeling into the eyes of the poor cat.

wtf is wrong with this world. we have scumbags partoling our streets and the police catches them. and we have !@#$%^&*() cats killers on the prowl, and all they get is a lousy sentence or fine. screw them all.

ain’t the life of a cat as precious? be damm… if only there’s cat patrol, or the neighborhood cats patrol.

and so, he attempts to play some games. or, at least tries to find the motivation to play some games.

while earnestly staring at the msn screen. pondering, considering and fearing the options that aren’t really available.


in most essays, in particular general paper essay, there is always the need to consider the



culture, and perhaps the
political factors

in real life, the above mentioned factors applied in every single choice, every single option that we face.

and it pretty much stink!


if there weren’t that much of a difference in mentality, social economically, culture. there would be an easy conclusion. the option to take action.

sadly, the huge gap exists. and how big it is…


somethings, he hates that uncontrollable element that diminishes the paths he can chose. he hates the one, THAT particular one who made him lag way back. the one who made all the great disparity possible.


then again, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good someone to pour out to? but it’s not safe at all to do so. it’s too dangerous. look what happen when he chose to trust way back. the unworthy male bastards who betrays.

frankly speaking, the world’s a dark place. danger lurks. there is no trust. =X


nevertheless, he will treasure the times and brood hatred.

his royal highness is impressed with himself.

total chaos, and he has a poker face. he even grinned.



went to the top of rooftop and look down. everything seem pretty small from the top. it’s surprising how big we think we are. yet we’re really puny.

walked across the road when the traffic was red. and he walked really slowly, till he was in the middle of the road and paused. the cars moving towards him seem to get bigger over time. so does the bonks, dongs, sounds that gets louder. calmly, he walked across the road.

played with the samurai sword at home. it’s a min version as compared to the real thing. don’t ask why the sword made it through the customs at the airport. something so sharp and so small can actually dice up someone pretty badly. wonders how it would feel slicing though the body. he fingers around it, and place it back on the stand.

and welcome to the lesson on avatars. where every avatar gives a hint of what his royal highness (that’s me …) is feeling at that moment …


– when one sees this avatar, unless you have something that is purely work-based, functioned-based. avoid talking to him.

– his highness is a hopeless state…



– if one were share really happy news with him. he or she ought to think twice. unless one would really want to be condemn.

– all messages are to be purely work-based. and no small talk.

no trespassing

– when one is to see this avatar popping. REFRAIN from even message.

– one will either get a really polite decline. OR just be subjected to cold shoulders.


–  fuming. talking sense will be fultill.


in anycase,

1. no small talk

2. talk share happy news that leads his highness to ponder.

3. if you are male. go FAR FAR away.

4. thank you for your cooperation

feb 08 2007

this is the most insulting day ever



and then, friendster decides to pop an email over to his royal highness. it’s actually a weekly thing. the email contains updates about stuff like, so and so has a updated new pictures, so and so has new testimonials etc etc. nothing too distressing or annoying. it’s just a weekly updated that gets a one second attention from his highness and poof it goes into the delete box.

and say what you know, we have a surprise this time round.

XYZ has a new testimonial added. why would someone whose not longer breathing be getting a new testimonial? unless they happen to be breathing again…

curious, our crushed royalness clicked. we see a testimonial that vaguely says something like,

“hey, you’re back! …. miss you…. yeah…. go out soon… …. …”

his highness was puzzled. back in hell? huh? what the hell is going on?

and then, truth dawned on his highness…




technology can’t lie. not like some lying bitch elsewhere whose breathing around. technology reveals all. technology unrevels the biggest questions. and with a linking world held by technology, DON’T FUCKING LIE.

time to sleep and go out with humans tomorrow

-end of story-

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