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and so on that day, it was spent…

going to school…. having darn project meetings before a late night lectures which some chaps skipped in favor of the day.

its a terrble day to spent in waiting for peers to come in front of the library. first of all, the walkway’s blocked with chopsticks. secondly, there’s flowers every where. meaning there’s lots of pollen flying around. one wonders if, if the pollens might cause an attack on the asmathic chaps… phew… non happened.

on another hand, its friendship, where everyone deserved to have a sweet flower in their hands =). kudos to pokemon for e daisies =) [anyway, the mosquitos are coming… because of them… LOL –> they wan a vday too lol)

and his highness hopes the rest of the table who has a daisy in hand, do not attract the bugs too =)


considering it was friendship day, his highness accepted wc’s idea of a bachelor gathering. afterall, it’s prob his 1st time becomng alone after all these years. oh well… but it was a fun day. crapping, movie-ing.


and the below pic is something shamelessly stolen from pokemon’s aka butterprawn site =)

sad, but true! then again, as she said, not everyone’s vday is good

CLICK on it to expand the pic.. =)


regret of the day: not glimpsing when we hope and want. rather, glimpsing it the day before. and stunned stupid by =)

his highness has always been impressed with someone remembers his name. its a sweet thing to always remember someone’s name.

and when ys’s dad remembered his name (his mom did too) at the airport when the boys were kicking ys off to uk, he was genuine flattered. afterall, it’s been 12 years since he last spoke to him. hmmm…

its a rare thing for parents to actually remembered name of the friends of their kid =)


well… quite a few parents do know his royal highness’s name. in a good way of course =)


and boy, ys’s younger bro – yy – by many years look damm macho… no more than noisy kid who runs around too much… =D


to all the nice people who remember names, people and faces =) kudos to you.

to all those who don’t… start getting a camera and a marker!

he wonders if meditating helps? if it could calm the mind, heart and soul. at least, it seem to work on all of those great monks and priests.

his highness has an incredible imagination. such power is uncanny and unrivaled so far. imagine if it has the ability to manifest in the real world.

how terrible, how scary it would be. rather, how sweet it would be.


knowing a little too much, seeing a little much, learning a little too much of facts and stuffs is bad for the mind. especially if some information comes in bits and pieces (this sounds just like jewellery… lol), its power is frightening…

then again, maybe his highness been reading too many fantasy books on mages, magic, elves and such.

unparalleled =X

session –> activities:

cookie nian gao. good food. period.

play blackjack. won. amazin. though the aim to play was really not to win. still… when one desire to not win, they win. amazin.

mahjong session was not enough. the hand itch.


session –> learnins:

learnins from parents:

we learn tt when one gambles, do not count your winnings or losses. you lose.

we learn tt one should not place something in front of you when playing cards. you lose.

–> the royal conclusion: play for fun. and winning n losing won’t matter a lot lah

learnins from observin:

smiling is really much better than havin a poker face.

young chaps who play to aim, always bet pots in a game. potential gambler wanna be. potential hazard. every promising chap gets destroyed by it, sooner or later. not to mention wreaking hearts. hmmm. but every chap will stop once they realize tt. lol. haha!

humans who gambles tend to slip out a lot. a curse, a grin, or just stoning. no wonder they say one reveals their colors on a gambling table, unless 1 is a professional mask maker. for good or for bad. lol

–> the royal conclusion: just laugh it all out, and make merry

still… though gambling is bad. MAHJONG is FUN =)

the verdict has been past.

considerin there is really not much zeal in celebratin chinese new year this year round due to certain issues. the royal family didn’t really did much.

and the royal assembly gathered at the usual grounds for… well… a gatherin. minus the routine greetings, exchange of fruits and packets.

minus the usual questions that go… “so, are you gettin a gf?”, “any special friend?” etc etc.

minus the one whom we will all miss dearly this year.

at least, the royal family struggled on. not dicussin what we all missed dearly and has lost.

focusing our attentions instead on the dearest royal nieces, and the new job that mumu clinched. and protecting bibi’s disc from the royal nieces. of course, his royal highness shared his contraband collections, which champion (mumu’s husband), mumu, and bibi eagerly sought.

and bibi contributed a cool game box set. presenting… HOUSEHOLD size, GAMBLING DEN…

gambling den

with its own set of rules, board and chips, that mimic and is probably an exact replica of the gambling dens one would find in hong kong’s illegal gambling dens. at least, thats what is known from the hong kong school movies =)

oh well…

then again… NO one played. =(

NO one played the mini majhong tiles that the mother empress bought =(

still, it was for the best

okay. it’s chinese new year.

so it’s happy chinese new year.


then again, it’s another few days of no school. especially this year.

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