everyone’s talking about the rat, french, and chef-hood.

but, all the FOOL can think of is….


Colette Janeane Garafalo

COOLness… thought the character name reminds me of COLGATE.. (oh.. nevermind that)

Colette Tatou: Meat and poultry chef; the toughest — and only female — cook at Gusteau’s and love interest of Linguini.

Janeane Garofalo sound cool. her voice cast totally brings out the spirit in colette


and of course, colette (i think it’s pronounce as col-gate @_x … ) is violent. coolnes… lots of live and spirit in her.

especially when she violent hits and teaches the chef cooking rooms survival skills…


and so. for the movie… the FOOL ranks

1. Colette

2. Remy

as the top 2 favorite characters in the movie…

for the rest, … not too impt lah