it is nice to know that this blog is now PG rated, instead from being R-rated from a previous check…


and so during class, the funny prof mentioned this site –

apparently this site’s from the states that has all those tests, quizzes on studies. and there is this little column tell students about themselves. their personality in studying.. etc etc..

and so, prof told us about how sitting in a particular location in class tells a lot about us. oh well… haha!

it’s true…

CHECK it out here yourselves… @ the Classroom Personality Test 

i’m a responsive learner… hnnn. so not sitting @ the back of the class!

the original ending…

the live version…


kawaii… thought they lip sync quite a bit..

the one playing haruhi is so kawaii… (nothing much to say about the m n y parts…)

check out the encore version after 4:44 =)

though… someone on youtube mentioned

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Ok, during 5:52-5:53 the guy that plays Kyon looks gay, stupid, and it looks like he’s tryng to be stupid… Like if he’s making fun of the dance. Anyway, thanks for the upload.

which is REALLY TRUE… darn funny

session –> activities:

cookie nian gao. good food. period.

play blackjack. won. amazin. though the aim to play was really not to win. still… when one desire to not win, they win. amazin.

mahjong session was not enough. the hand itch.


session –> learnins:

learnins from parents:

we learn tt when one gambles, do not count your winnings or losses. you lose.

we learn tt one should not place something in front of you when playing cards. you lose.

–> the royal conclusion: play for fun. and winning n losing won’t matter a lot lah

learnins from observin:

smiling is really much better than havin a poker face.

young chaps who play to aim, always bet pots in a game. potential gambler wanna be. potential hazard. every promising chap gets destroyed by it, sooner or later. not to mention wreaking hearts. hmmm. but every chap will stop once they realize tt. lol. haha!

humans who gambles tend to slip out a lot. a curse, a grin, or just stoning. no wonder they say one reveals their colors on a gambling table, unless 1 is a professional mask maker. for good or for bad. lol

–> the royal conclusion: just laugh it all out, and make merry

still… though gambling is bad. MAHJONG is FUN =)

the verdict has been past.

considerin there is really not much zeal in celebratin chinese new year this year round due to certain issues. the royal family didn’t really did much.

and the royal assembly gathered at the usual grounds for… well… a gatherin. minus the routine greetings, exchange of fruits and packets.

minus the usual questions that go… “so, are you gettin a gf?”, “any special friend?” etc etc.

minus the one whom we will all miss dearly this year.

at least, the royal family struggled on. not dicussin what we all missed dearly and has lost.

focusing our attentions instead on the dearest royal nieces, and the new job that mumu clinched. and protecting bibi’s disc from the royal nieces. of course, his royal highness shared his contraband collections, which champion (mumu’s husband), mumu, and bibi eagerly sought.

and bibi contributed a cool game box set. presenting… HOUSEHOLD size, GAMBLING DEN…

gambling den

with its own set of rules, board and chips, that mimic and is probably an exact replica of the gambling dens one would find in hong kong’s illegal gambling dens. at least, thats what is known from the hong kong school movies =)

oh well…

then again… NO one played. =(

NO one played the mini majhong tiles that the mother empress bought =(

still, it was for the best

okay. it’s chinese new year.

so it’s happy chinese new year.


then again, it’s another few days of no school. especially this year.

honest, this is what we ALL need — a moldable mouse.

as they all say… to each his (or her) own, we need a mouse that can fit our unique palm size and palm structure.

now, although this mouse means it can be molded into different varieties, what happens if serious gamers get too excited and start CRUSHING it into lumps in the peak of gaming?

hmm… fruit for thought…

presenting… the MOLDABLE MOUSE