ello ha… it’s been like 5 days since the last grumbling session… and his royal cheekiness is back to haunt his own blog…


let’s start with what been bothering me these week… hmmm… event number one. my mom has absolutely forbid me to swim after chinese new year…. with the usual blah blah blah superstitious nonsense.. sometimes, i just dun see the link btw irational links that swiming in the near coming chinese near yr wil bear ills.

okay, we all know tt ghosts exists. yeah.. i know. every1 knows… u dunno? crap.. okay, never the ghost part. let admit it exists…. but the issue is… y does swimming in the new year bear ills for me? i beg to differ…

but then… to keep mom happy… n to stop the endless “nag-gified”. his royal highness cheekiness yield to the dowanger…


his royalness absoultly have the love of murphey! murpheys laws seemingly exsists for him! tt wat’s the absolte moncnach of his life thinks.. y? everytime he yields for something, even to the extend of enlisting his grand advisers [F]&Ns, [M]&Ns, [C]TEs… things never turn out quite right.

when he never expects anything gd to happen. it just happens… he bumps into the most fantasinating ppl in his life. tt’s his logic: u never have wat u desire. when u think of the one. the one appears like magic.

guesss it will alwasy run true for his bloodline!

when his royal highness doubts himself n starts to wavers… gd things happn.. just wat does the man up there wans… more hell for him or wat? when he wans gd things to happen.. shits falls..


event no 3: everyknows tt human nature is weird. we live to discover things. we live to uncover the unknow. we will simply die if anything we learn does not rationalizes themselves.

being human n totally cool abt it.. he has also something to bother about. his royal cheekiness went out one day with a friend to S.H.E autograph session. hey.. u remember tt? lol~ she was promoting another friend for obvious reasons.. lots of interesting comments

however… his royal highness is NOT at all convinced… the logic’s simple. his greatess will never believe something unless he has saw it for himself… witness… experience…ate..felt…[u get the point right? else ya prob too dumb to b my friend :)]

and so… mr not convinced starts on his holy crusade. the mission: the observe for himself. after several days of unintentional observsations…. he’s slowly understands the depths of his promoter friend. lol~ so case is closed. he wavers…

and continues to waver btw.


another day not so long ago. his royal highess meet with a friend and was mugging. it started raining as he was leaaving with his friend. the great pour delayed them. without a umbrella. the pair were stranded in the nat lib block near hans.

he wonders if it was a blessing in disguise. the pair chat a bit sitting at the steps of the gray buliding… a lot of tok was exchanged, not to mention a lot of fun teasing~ and he was Qs. okay… being questioned will b a nice way to say things.. it was more like being interorgated…

2 of the Qs was this:
1. if u met an ideal girl. n if u met an gal who’s no so ideal but u have feelings for. who will u chose?
2. if there r 2 gals… 1 who knows how to cook excellantly, sew… do housework… another gal who’s wild, fiery but whom u love… who will u chose?

just think… what will u chose if such Qs were presented to u? for Qs1: i chose the 1 i have feelings for. for Qs2: the fiery gal i love. cos i dun need a maid. just some1 i love

well again.. tt’s not the point… it’s the depth of the Qs tt bothered me. verbal answers to a Qs r nothing compared to wat one will really do when the time comes. the notion is: what will i really do if such a thing happens…? i wonder…

n continues to waver….


lifes stinks…

-the world is not beautiful. therefore, it is. –