and so on that day, it was spent…

going to school…. having darn project meetings before a late night lectures which some chaps skipped in favor of the day.

its a terrble day to spent in waiting for peers to come in front of the library. first of all, the walkway’s blocked with chopsticks. secondly, there’s flowers every where. meaning there’s lots of pollen flying around. one wonders if, if the pollens might cause an attack on the asmathic chaps… phew… non happened.

on another hand, its friendship, where everyone deserved to have a sweet flower in their hands =). kudos to pokemon for e daisies =) [anyway, the mosquitos are coming… because of them… LOL –> they wan a vday too lol)

and his highness hopes the rest of the table who has a daisy in hand, do not attract the bugs too =)


considering it was friendship day, his highness accepted wc’s idea of a bachelor gathering. afterall, it’s prob his 1st time becomng alone after all these years. oh well… but it was a fun day. crapping, movie-ing.


and the below pic is something shamelessly stolen from pokemon’s aka butterprawn site =)

sad, but true! then again, as she said, not everyone’s vday is good

CLICK on it to expand the pic.. =)


regret of the day: not glimpsing when we hope and want. rather, glimpsing it the day before. and stunned stupid by =)