another sticky note pinned onto the wall notepad. another task to do. another duty to perform. another obligation. not that obligations are a drag in life. it’s a neccesary thing to go. it is neccesary to do.
important? yes they all are. boring, and they are all too. well.. most of them are.

stepping into the ages of the adulthood is a big change. filling in the shoes of an elder. heading doing has to be done. no wonder everyone says… being an adult is the dramatic leap in life.

well… for starters, being 21 do not mean being an adult. being 30 do mean neccesary mean ya’re an adult too. most proberly just a 30 yr old fart who thinks like a kid. dit witted? perhaps. perhaps not. they’re just very lucky people who do not have to shoulder all mountains.

does being 17, 18, 19, 20 of age made a person less of an adult? maybe not. it’s mainly the things they do, how they act behind the eyes of everyone that classify them as an adult. just like respect, it’s earned. that’s right! one has to earn the right to be an adult. being the big 21 doens’t do much a deal anyway. 21 .. the age of adults in typical sterotypes have no deal.

numberically, it’s just 1 yr after the big 20… a leap from 1 to 2. a numberically increase. not neccesary a mental bounce.

perhaps being a true adult means ya can’t worry only about one’s self anymore. neither is being  concerned of ur closed social circle a matter. it’s rather.. more of thinking more of others. yes. even strangers that ya’re meet for a while.

how they react. how they feel inside n outside. and slipping into their shoes… (let;s drop the fact tt shoes stinks)


1 of the royalties was saying: highness.. y are ya getting naggy n whiney these days…?

his royalness reckons it’s proberly due to the many chances that pass and experience in this holidays…

the thought of hearing jl almost dying was horrible. 10x god he lived. he almost became number 2 dead pal on the royal list.


jl’s ghastly encounter leads us to wonder. how will his family cope with the crsis of having their only son living on the edge?

will it strain on the family resources?

will there be a horrible aftermath on jl? a mental scar?

then it dawn on his highness… perhaps being an adult is all that. we think n think n think of a lot of issues.


and then. just not so long ago. JL’s condition got worse. wj went to visit. barely alive he is, yet still talking… …….. …. !!!!!!!!#%$%^&*()

and sms came from the poor JL. he express his thanks all of us for visiting him and on how it gives his strength to hold on.

perhaps our concern will give him strength to heal faster.

then again.. HOW the hell did he have to chance to SMS us all? What the HECK!


then again.. his highness’ thinking a bit too much…